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Save 75% of clinicians' time, improve the quality of your documentation and reduce transcription costs with our state-of-the-art speech technology that works in any EHR or as part of your existing workflow.

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Successes with Healthcare Organisations & Clinicians

Laura Mumby
Laura Mumby

Head of EPR

"We look forward to rolling out T-Pro across the Trust. The modern cloud-based solution will revolutionise our dictation and typing processes, improving the end user's experiences."

Dr. Ronan Kavanagh

Consultant Rheumatologist

"T-Pro’s mobile solution means I can dictate and approve documents without being tied to a desk. Ultimately I spend more time caring for patients and less on administration."

Brian O’Neill

Head of Development

“T-Pro Connect will allow us to save over €160,000 a year by sending Outpatient letters electronically to the patients GP, whilst supporting the hospital’s paperless agenda.”

David Niland

Medical Information Officer

“We were the first hospital in the UK and Ireland to achieve HIMSS Stage 6, the highest level of EMR certification. T-Pro was a big part of that because it provided a very flexible, fantastic mobile solution which acted as an integrated extension to our Electronic Medical Record system.”

Jenny Costello
Jenny Costello

EHR Applications Lead

"T-Pro worked closely with all key stakeholders across the Hospital, including Clinical, Operations, Admin and IMS to produce a fully integrated virtual consultation solution in our Outpatient Department. The T-Pro platform has allowed us to automate the patient notification processes for virtual consultation appointments. We are able to handle video, telephone and face-to-face appointments in one consolidated system."

Prof. David Reid

Independent Consultant

"T-Pro allows rapid dictation in clinic sent directly, seamlessly and securely to my secretary. After transcription is complete, I can review the letter online and then signing off closes the loop rapidly and effectively."

Mark Graham

ICT Director

"With T-Pro eClinic Manager, we can provide our patients with secure access to care and optimise the time of available staff during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. The fact T-Pro is integrated with our PAS, we can automatically schedule virtual clinic appointments, which really makes a difference in terms of saving valuable staff time, and removing manual data entry."

Mary Twohig
Mary Twohig

Healthcare Records Manager

"After reviewing several solutions, we found T-Pro to be a far superior system. Their transcription team has the capacity to type over 7,000 letters a month and ensure turnaround is consistently rapid and accurate. Our clinicians found it easy to use and the management capabilities are robust. T-Pro’s national integration with iPMS patient administration system was also a big plus."

Elaine Lynch
Elaine Lynch

Administrative Supervisor, Sims IVF

"T-Pro has helped streamline our clinical correspondence and document production. Their transcription expertise has allowed us to save significant costs, while enabling our staff to focus on the tasks that matter most."

Maria Godley

Hospital Manager

“I’m delighted with the results so far and we have seen some very impressive improvements in the turnaround times for completed documents. The T-Pro platform has also given my team access to comparative quality, efficiency and cost statistics, allowing the hospital to take control of our transcription process.”

Raphael Jaffrezic

Chief Information Officer

“T-Pro is a perfect example of what a good partner is. We are always collaborating on new ideas that can aid the documentation process, and look forward to many more years of innovation.”

Dr. Dmitri Popelyuk

Consultant Psychiatrist

“It is easy to use and the T-Pro team are accessible and supportive.”

Rob Bruton

IT Director

"This was the key for us; that T-Pro is future proof. The system was geared up and ready for technologies like speech recognition, virtual clinics/telehealth which have had a significant benefit and cost saving to our organisation and will continue to do so in the coming years."

Dr. Mary McCaffrey

Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist

"I am very impressed with the ease-of-use and engaging user interface of eClinic Manager. Telemedicine with T-Pro allows me to provide even better, faster care for patients."

Elaine Lynch

Administrative Supervisor, Sims IVF

"T-Pro has helped streamline our clinical correspondence and document production. Their transcription expertise has allowed us to save significant costs, while enabling our staff to focus on the tasks that matter most."

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T-Pro Speech

Our state-of-the-art Speech Technology provides unrivalled out-of-the-box accuracy. Our proprietary technology combines world-leading speech recognition with healthcare-driven natural language understanding insights, delivering 75% productivity gains from day one.

Our unified voice profile provides a consistent and personalised clinical documentation experience across solutions, platforms, and devices regardless of physical location.

Easily deployed in any environment including, Citrix, MS Terminal Services, and VMWare. You can immediately improve productivity, enhance EHR adoption and reduce administrative costs with T-Pro Speech

Speech Direct

Our cloud-based Speech Direct application works seamlessly with 250+ EHRs, including all major platforms. Dictate directly into the target application and navigate with your voice. Speech Direct is proven to enhance EHR adoption, improve the quality of documentation, and lower transcription costs.

A single, unified, voice profile allows clinicians to access their existing T-Pro Speech profile and benefit from the same world-leading accuracy. By combining dictation into their EHR from anywhere, on any device, with their existing correspondence workflows, T-Pro provides clinicians true flexibility. Ultimately, allowing them more time to care for patients.

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Speech Services API

Developers and partners can leverage the same world-leading technology to 'speech enable' their applications.

Our speech partners have access to unrivalled healthcare-specific voice technologies, libraries, and customisation tools to allow them to deeply integrate T-Pro Speech within their offering.


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Unrivalled accuracy for healthcare
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Saves clinician time
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Secure and compliant
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Works with your EHR
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Flexible and available anywhere
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Easy to install and maintain

Save Time, Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency with T-Pro

Built to be mobile first, we remove barriers to capture information quickly and easily, ensuring complete patient records and enhancing patient safety.


Ensure every document is accurate with our world-leading speech technology or our medical document editing team.

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