T-Pro are undergoing a Carbon Calculation as of November 2023 with the support of the Enterprise Ireland Green Transition Fund. The information below details the carbon calculation results, as well as action items defined for carbon reduction and impact offsetting.

Scope 1 to 3 Co2e Report 

Scope 1: 0 No Scope 1 Emissions Applicable
Scope 2: 64,663.97 Includes facilities and work-from-home staff
Scope 3: 16,014.26 Includes Travel, Accommodation and Commuting
Total = 80,678.23 Tonnes of Co2e


The following process was undertaken to ascertain the above data, which began in November 2023 and was completed in December 2023.
  • Mapping of company staff members and location of work-from-home staff.
  • Assessing organisational tech stack and relevant digital infrastructure.
  • Checklist of applicable criteria under Scope 1 to 3 categories.
  • Engagement with 3rd party contractors and service providers.
  • Creation of a hybrid data capture method using GHG Standard and customised data collection workflow.
  • Calculation and validation of results.


Carbon Reduction Roadmap

Carbon reduction is essential to T-Pro’s sustainable growth strategy by mitigating the effects of climate change and our organisational footprint. Our roadmap plan will guide the process of reducing our carbon emissions through the following steps:

  • Baseline Established: We have calculated our baseline emissions for 2023 as 80.678 Tonnes of Co2e which includes energy, transport and accommodation under Scope 1, 2 and 3.
  • Enhancing Results: We have a targeted action plan in place to finalise calculations including 3rd Party Supply Chain in Q1 2024.
  • Reduction targets: We are planning our reduction and impact programme to achieve a 10% to 20% reduction by the end of 2024. Specific actions will be defined based on the final results of our calculation.
  • Energy Auditing: Through our calculator, we have undertaken an energy usage audit to assist us in identifying where our organisation is using the most energy and where energy efficiency improvements can be made. This includes enabling behavioural change among our staff members to lower usage.
  • Monitoring Progress: We will monitor progress regularly to assess how well our organisation is meeting its carbon reduction targets, and ensuring we maintain a consistent reduction over the proceeding years. Data from our energy audits and carbon footprint assessments will used to track progress and identify areas for improvement among our international team working from home.

Carbon Reduction Actions

Through the following range of targeted carbon reduction actions and participation in durable carbon offset programmes, we aim to halve our total emissions by 2030, beginning with a reduction of at least 10% by the end of 2024:

  • Encouraging and incentivising all work-from-home staff members to switch to 100% renewable energy electricity plans
  • Reducing air travel by 30% by opting for virtual meetings
  • Choosing accommodation providers that have certified sustainability and green energy programmes
  • Assessing our data storage needs and implementing data compression and deduplication techniques to minimise storage requirements and optimise digital resources
  • Prioritising suppliers and service providers in our supply chain that are transparent about their GHG emissions

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