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T-Pro eClinic Manager online clinic management system, enabling healthcare organisations to deliver more convenient care to patients resulting in better outcomes, reduced cost and enhanced operational efficiency.

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Mark Graham
Mark Graham
Director of ICT, Beaumont Hospital
"With T-Pro eClinic Manager, we can provide our patients with secure access to care and optimise the time of available staff during the Covid pandemic and beyond. The fact T-Pro is integrated with our PAS, we can automatically schedule virtual clinic appointments, which really makes a difference in terms of saving valuable staff time, and removing manual data entry."
Patient consultations anytime, anywhere

T-Pro's eClinic Manager is an online clinic management solution. With full telehealth capabilities built-in, it allows users to manage physical, telephone and video consultations from a single consolidated view. By connecting clinicians with their patients virtually, you can improve care delivery, increase capacity and reduce the number of patients that need to be present in person. All of which will enhance your operational efficiency and deliver greater patient satisfaction.

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Ease of use

T-Pro’s clinic management system couldn’t be easier to use. Hospitals and healthcare organisations use the simple management interface to schedule and administer appointments, whilst clinicians have access to a virtual consultation room where they can easily review and manage the flow of patients in their clinic. Patients are then sent email and SMS access notifications so that they can join the consultation with the click of a button, without the need to download and install any software.

Integrated solution

What’s more, because the eClinic Manager is provided as part of the existing T-Pro ecosystem, it does not require third-party tools or licenses. As a result, the T-Pro eClinic Manager is also fully compliant with data protection and Protected Health Information (PHI) restrictions, giving you complete peace of mind.

"With T-Pro eClinic Manager, we can optimise the time of available staff during the Covid pandemic and beyond. It's integrated with our PAS, so we can automatically schedule virtual clinic appointments, which really makes a difference in terms of saving valuable staff time, and removing manual data entry."

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Dr Mary McAffrey
Dr Mary McAffrey
Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, The Scotia Clinic
"I am very impressed with the ease-of-use and engaging user interface of eClinic Manager. Telemedicine with T-Pro allows me to provide even better, faster care for patients."

Our benefits
Improve Care Delivery
Offer more timely and appropriate access to care by easily connecting clinicians to patients remotely without the need for in-hospital visits.
Integrate Clinician Experience
Clinicians will have on-demand access to other T-Pro solutions such as previous patients documents and notes, easy digital dictationnext-generation speech recognition workflows, medical transcription software and appointment scheduling,  allowing them to spend more time treating patients and less time on administrative tasks.
Lower Cost of Care
Reduce readmissions and ED utilisations through the T-Pro robust virtual clinic solution whilst also lowering and transport costs by saving travel time for patients and clinicians alike.
Improve Patient Satisfaction
The eClinic Manager enables you to increase patient satisfaction by providing convenient access to healthcare, whilst also allowing you to expand your catchment area and easily create pathways for downstream referrals.
Increase Clinician Capacity
Empower your clinicians to manage patient flow, so they can improve their workload whilst at the same time decrease patient waiting times.
Enhance Operational Efficiency
T-Pro’s clinic management system allows you to better allocate your organisation's resources through an increased capacity with virtual examination rooms.

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Your patients want healthcare that is convenient, safe and fits with new models of care. That means bringing healthcare to them at home or anywhere that is convenient.

With T-Pro, you get a virtual care platform that:

  • Is purpose-built for acute, community and mental health organisations.
  • Works across all specialties
  • Enhances and automates your clinical and administrative workflows

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