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Full time roles for experienced medical typists


Our transcriptionists receive all the support they need to succeed, even while working from home. Transcriptionists have access to a dedicated support staff that provides timely assistance with technical glitches and issues. Staff members also maintain regular contact with transcriptionists to provide constructive performance-related feedback.

If you enjoy working independently, T-Pro may be the perfect company for you. Ours is a deadline-driven work environment. As a work-at-home transcriptionist for T-Pro, you are free to create your own schedule, T-Pro provides the ideal work environment for self-starters who can manage time effectively and deliver quality work without close supervision.

Our transcriptionists have the benefit of a regular workflow, resulting in consistent earnings. Consistent feedback from support from our senior staff ensures high performance.

T-Pro’s typists benefit from state-of-the-art technology with our transcriptionist jobs at home. Our platform helps transcriptionists produce a high volume of work in less time. You won’t waste valuable time saving documents, naming reports or manually uploading/downloading files.

Our transcriptionists benefit from a well-rounded work experience where they gain exposure to many different industries and work types. Transcriptionists who perform well can advance into even more challenging and rewarding proofreading/editing positions.

T-Pro’s compensation system is designed to give transcriptionists greater control over their earnings. The incentive-based structure is predicated on the amount of characters you type, including characters produced with word expanders. You’ll have access to counts at the conclusion of every report, so you’ll know exactly where you stand. Simply put, the more characters you produce, the more you earn. Payment is made on a monthly basis.