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Laura Royce

HIS Manager

"Syberscribe has been a valuable supplier to the hospital since 2002! They outsource all our typing, we see them as a long-term partner, providing high quality typing, eliminating backlogs and saving us costs. Good people to work with - this is an excellent service"

Belinda Lynch

Practice Manager

"As a Manager of a busy Obstetric & Gynaecology practice, I was looking for a professional, efficient company to undertake typing both on a business and personal basis. After trying other transcription companies, I eventually found the A1 service I was looking for. Syberscribe delivers exceptional service."

David Hoy

Business Manager

"After trying a number of different transcription services and being disappointed. We found Syberscribe and I no longer hear complaints about quality or delays - it just happens."

About Us

We're excited to announce that SyberScribe is part of the T-Pro group, bringing additional digital solutions such as Digital Dictation and State-of-the-art Speech Technology to enable clinicians to transform & optimize their organizations as we continue to provide secure, tailored, low-cost outsourced medical transcription services to the APAC healthcare industry, with a guaranteed minimum of 98% accuracy of transcription. Not only are we committed to quality, but our medical transcription service is also available all day, every day with a 24-48 hour turnaround time. 


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Certified and HIPAA Compliant Medical transcription

Medical transcriptions are not a simple matter of taking a voice file and producing a text version of what’s said. Our transcription service is fully compliant and cognizant of its obligations to protect your records.

We provide a high-quality and secure transcription service which uses 128 bit/SSL data encryption, passwords, audit trails, and confidentiality agreements to protect the integrity of the data. Consequently, the platform we use to deliver files is fully HIPAA-compliant.

Accuracy is critically important with medical transcriptions. Mistakes at any stage of the information chain in healthcare can lead to real risks to the patients. Our specialists guarantee a minimum of 98% accuracy, and will generally deliver 100% accuracy with our transcriptions, which are always proofread by highly trained, medical specialist editors.

For medical transcriptions, you should only work with those you trust. Contact us to learn more.

Precision, accuracy, and timeliness

Medical transcriptions are a critical part of the healthcare services which you provide to your patients. SyberScribe has been an invaluable partner to doctors and healthcare specialists for over 20 years. We are always available for next-day delivery, ensuring all dictated reports are up to date and delivered in a timely manner.

We connect seamlessly with all major healthcare systems and deliver reports with complete security. The management and access of those transcriptions happen automatically and is there the moment you need them.

Backlogs and inaccuracies can be catastrophic. For this reason, our specialist transcribers at Syberscribe deliver accurate transcriptions which are natively compatible with your systems and are turned around quickly.

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Our Transcription services

Transcription Services

We provide a secure, tailored, low-cost outsourced medical transcription service exclusively to ...

Our Technology

Our software packages are intuitive and easy to use, 15 minutes is all it takes to learn the process ...

Quality & Security

SyberScribe guarantees a minimum of 98% accuracy on all transcribed documents having good audio ...

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